We are a Swiss international business development and investment platform led by a group of experienced and independent entrepreneurs operating between Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East. Our mission is to support you in addressing your commercial (trading), operational and strategic needsto gain market shares and foster growth.

What we do

Business development

We provide our customers with a unique operative and commercial platform to source and assess customers, partners, suppliers and business opportunities.

We capitalize on our own business experience in the Middle East, Europe and Eurasia to deliver higher value to our customers by guaranteeing:

Top market access High-level access to specific market and industry key players, market movers and executives as well as to institutional officers.

Key information Up to date business intelligence, strategic market knowledge and fundamental normative, regulatory and legal issues.

Bespoke solutions Strong engagement to negotiate and craft uncommon and exclusive solutions, tailor-made to best address your objectives.

Good execution Results delivered at the right time and with precision. Our competitive focus is on quality, reliability and economics.

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IACO Limited
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